Your right to choose is under fire.

People in Wilson have faster broadband speeds than you do, thanks to their locally-owned fiber optic network called Greenlight. Greenlight is non-profit, includes all the channels and features you’d expect, including local customer service. It is a voluntary service. Citizens can choose Greenlight, Time Warner or any other provider.

Yet, some members of the telecom industry want to take away that choice for your community. Many cities are looking at their own systems like Wilson, but some current providers want to keep that from happening. They want to sandbag cities to the point that it would be impossible to build and operate communication networks…all in the name of protecting their monopolies.

Current law says cities have the right to build their own networks. SB 1004 and HB 1252 want to change the law and make it illegal. We hope you’ll contact your legislator to protect your right to local service.


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