No Vote Today…Bill Comes Back Next Week

The House Committee on Science and Technology opened the floor for citizen comments today. They heard from several people against HB 1252 including several NC Cities and Towns, the NC League of Municipalities, The Southeastern Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors and several other citizens who share an interest in better broadband services in our state.

An executive of Time Warner, who was also representing a consortium of cable companies, was the only speaker supporting the bill. Representatives of AT&T and Embarq also attended. This is another David and Goliath battle; just like in 2007. Let’s hope for a similar outcome.

Several news outlets are covering the hearing. I’ll try to post links to their coverage tomorrow.

Thanks to all those who came out. There was a good crowd, and we’d love to see you again next week. Same time:11am, Room 425, Legislative Office Bldg.


2 Responses

  1. RE: Your 2.5GHz EBS Spectrum

    The 2.5GHz EBS (and 3.65GHz) band is going to become a pivotal asset for BTOP and in deploying a national broadband plan.

    However, the non-profit License holders should be allowed to build out their own core broadband wireless infrastructures using the asset they have maintained for decades, form public/private partnerships, and offer revenue generating core services and applications that will benefit local govs, businesses, public safety, colleges, libraries, school systems, etc. Many new jobs for the State!

    Then lease the excess to the Sprint/Clearwire’s of the world.

    There is still plenty of deliverable enhanced or extended content, media, services and applications that can be offered through these large incumbents to maintain their bottom line.

    All Communities in the US should be going after this spectrum and get control back into the hands of their local non-profits.

  2. Thanks, Brad. Ours is actually a fiber to the home network that covers the city limits area. We don’t go out into the county area.

    Btw, not too many Bowmans around here. Any relation?

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