House Bill Back for a Vote Wednesday (4/22)

House Bill 1252 comes back tomorrow morning for a vote. The vote was delayed last week in the Science and Technology Committee after several people spoke against it. Rep. Ty Harrell, co-sponsor of the bill, stepped aside last week and let Rep. Joe Tolson of Pinetops preside over the meeting.

We’d love to see you again tomorrow. I think many of these lawmakers had no idea how controversial this bill is and how much it can hurt our state. I’d like to think that they’re doing their best with the information they have. Help us bring them up to speed on the importance of better broadband and service in NC.

11am, Room 425, Legislative Office Building, Raleigh.


2 Responses

  1. Although I don’t live in Wilson, it is upsetting to see how a bill can be pushed through without much of a peep from local media. I am going to reference this site on my blog, Although I just started it a month ago, I feel this is important and related to my other topics. If it would help for me to email our local politicians, please contact me, and I will do whatever I can.
    Time Warner Cable is pushing this bill because their fear is if it doesn’t pass, Time Warner Cable will be just that, a cable company. I will be first in line to switch if Troutman ever did this.

  2. I called Rep. Harrell and Sen. McKissick’s offices, last week.

    Harrell went straight to voicemail and McKissick’s receptionist seemed less than thrilled to hear from a constituent about a piece of legislation.

    I also emailed all of the House and Senate bills’ sponsors, as well as Rep. Luebke and Sen. McKissick, my reps in the house and senate.

    I’ve not received a single reply or acknowledgement of my messages. Suffice it to say, I’m unhappy with my elected officials.

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