City of Raleigh stands up for better access

The City of Raleigh passed a resolution this week casting doubt on the ‘level playing field’ mentioned in HB 1252.

They understand that these bills (HB 1252/ SB1004) affect every NC city’s and town’s ability to improve communication infrastructure. For instance, the bills would prohibit municipalities from moving funds into or out of its broadband division. Sounds fine, until you learn that under NC law (already in place), cities are not allowed to borrow for operational expenses; only construction.

If this bill were passed, a city could build a network but couldn’t use any of its funds to hire employees to run it. Check mate. It’s a clever tactic to use and sounds good, but would prevent any NC cities from building a broadband network.

Again, cities and towns in NC want the law to remain the same. The cable/phone companies are pushing for the changes.


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  1. I read what your doing and I thought I’d say something. I am here thanking you for persistence and dedication. But also I am here to tell you that with what you are doing right now, will be part of a series of similar instances that I hope might soon come to all parts of the U.S. To me you’re not just representing your city or state but only the beginning of a new wave.

    The internet should not be hampered by greed.

    “My voice is me and so is being free”

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