Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Folks, you are amazing. The support coming in from so many places is overwhelming; Argentina, New Zealand, Ontario. More than 12,000 hits yesterday.

It’s encouraging to hear from so many people who understand the importance of better broadband. When we first started this network, we ran into a few people who thought their speeds were fast enough. Thanks to the spread of online video and other bandwidth-heavy sites, more people seem to understand that speeds will continue to grow.

Remember when 56K seemed fast? The ubiquitous 5 Mbps in one direction simply won’t be enough soon. It probably isn’t fast enough for many businesses now. Greenlight is all fiber so the speeds can keep up with demand. Our minimum residential speed is 10 Mbps up and down.

Some of you have asked about the backstory with Greenlight. What led the City to create it in the first place? Working on that now and will post it next week.

Also, there are so many incoming comments that I haven’t been able to reply to many. Many have asked for contact information for the Public Utilites Committee. Here it is.


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