More information about the push poll in Wilson and Salisbury

People in Wilson have been getting automated phone calls since last weekend that encourage them to support HB 1252 and its new proposed regulations. I’ve heard from three people in about two days who received it. They said the recording doesn’t say who paid for the call, but it leaves no doubt what result the call is looking for.

Same thing’s happening in Salisbury. Not sure if the same group is behind the calls in both cities, but the effect is similar. The local newspaper figured out who is behind some of the calls there.

Think about how strange this is; a group that portays itself as a champion of limited government pushing for additional state regulations. Weird.


4 Responses

  1. I got the same call you’re describing; but Americans for Prosperity identified themselves as the caller.

    Goodness gracious! The “poor” cities are under attack again!

    From the city point of view, HB1252 is “underwritten by the industry to keep consumers from receiving better options in telephone, cable, and Internet service.”

    Salisbury’s City Manager, David Treme, says “they have a team of lobbyists, and we have us”.

    Fact is, most city officials are responding to a call from The League of Municipalities to protest this bill, and the cities are responding in their normal “knee-jerk” manner. The League is actually one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the state; and it is subsidized by tax-payer money! So don’t believe the “poor us” story. You will find that they always lobby for anything that takes rights from the citizens and gives them to some form of government, just as in the issue of forced annexation.

    In this case, The League encourages the cities to have their own “cash cow” by making the citizens dependent on another government run utility [the same thing they’re accusing this bill of doing]. And Salisbury has swallowed their propaganda, hook, line, and sinker. They always use the argument that if the government provides the service, then all the poor people that the mean old providers aren’t taking care of will have the service. They used that same argument in some cities to go into the electric business; and they are losing money and taking the city residents to the cleaners on utility charges. They simply buy the power from the private companies and add fees for themselves. The same thing will happen if they attempt to provide their own internet access. And their alternate method is to buy access to some private provider’s infrastructure.

    HB1252/S1004 is a good bill and I would encourage voters to contact your legislators in support of it.

  2. It’s funny how it would seem “some” people like things the way they are….paying for crappy service and being told what services you’re GOING to get!! I had Time Warner services for years….and watched the bills go up and up and up!!! And God forbid you had problems with it! I switched to Greenlight as soon as it was available, and have had no problems with it. Bye bye Embarq phone and bye bye high Time Warner billing.I have the phone, internet, and tv package. WAKE UP PEOPLE…………you have a choice. Make the right one.

  3. Interesting that the Salisbury Post took the time to figure out who was behind this push poll but the Wilson paper hasn’t bothered to report on it at all.

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