“Some people want lower speeds.”

Honest to goodness, I heard an industry rep say that last week in a legislative committee. In the interest of full disclosure, he probably meant to imply that lower speeds mean lower prices.

Low prices are good. Greenlight’s services cost less than the cable company’s service. But in 2009, we need more speed.

One of my friends still has dial-up. She was lamenting the other day about how long Facebook takes to load. If Facebook takes too long, I won’t even ask her about Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu and a host of other sites.

The Internet and its apps have taken huge steps forward in recent years, but you need more bandwidth to truly use them. There will be new jobs created over the next two to five years that we don’t even know about today. Think about that. Brand new careers are around the corner for those who figure things out.

Bandwidth is infrastructure now. That’s why our Council voted unanimously to make our fiber network available to all of Wilson. We believe our businesses and homes deserve the very best upload and download speeds available. HB 1252 would take that away to protect the bottom lines of several out-of-town companies. It’s more regulation that will hurt better broadband deployments throughout NC.

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