Private industries blast broadband monopoly bill. This is HUGE.

A joint letter sent to state legislators and the governor yesterday should be a nail in the coffin for the argument that this is a private sector vs. public sector issue.

Several large companies including Google, Intel Corporation and Alcatel-Lucent have explained to our lawmakers that HB 1252 is bad for NC and for the country.

Here’s a segment:

“We, the undersigned private-sector companies and trade associations urge you to oppose HB1252, the so-called “Level Playing Field Act.” HB1252 is “level” only in the sense that it will harm both the public and private sectors. It will thwart public broadband initiatives, stifle economic growth, prevent the creation or retention of thousands of jobs, and diminish quality of life in North Carolina. In particular, it will hurt the private sector by undermining public-private partnerships, hamstringing our ability to sell our goods and services, interfering with workforce development, and stifling creativity and innovation.”

Well said. These companies understand that better broadband, no matter who provides it, is an economic engine for our state.

If local communities are forbidden from providing better service because of new laws, North Carolinians will have to settle for whatever the cable and phone companies provide them. The places that are most profitable will get the best service. Everyone else will have to wait until they are worth the investment.

Thanks to industry leaders who crafted the letter:

American Public Power Association
Atlantic Engineering Group, Inc.
Fiber to the Home Council
Google, Inc.
Intel Corporation
Utilities Telecom Council
Telecommunications Industry Association


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