Great news, HB 1252 voted to study committee

DecalGlad to report good news, folks. You did it. HB 1252 is going to a study committee. That means it will be adapted, at the very least, before it would come back for a vote. It may not come back at all. Greenlight and all NC muni broadband projects are alive and well.

This is good news because it stops any forward progress of the bill for a while. If it gets out of the House Select Rural Broadband Committee (I think that’s the correct name) it would have to go through at least one more study committee (Revenue) before it made it back to square one.

This is an excellent victory for the spread of next-generation broadband in NC.

Thanks to all of you for contacting our legislators. They even mentioned during today’s meeting that they had received a lot of emails and phone calls about the bill. You rock. All of you.


4 Responses

  1. Congrats on the victory. Now when is Greenlight coming to Charlotte?

  2. My own sources here at StoptheCap! are telling me this is a graceful way to dump this bill into the trash in the least embarrassing way possible. Needless to say, there are at least a few legislators who have morning-after regrets about where they took this legislation in the first place.

    They are not the first and they will not be the last. Underinformed legislators are always susceptible to corporate lobbyists, and it will be our job as citizens and citizen-based groups to monitor, educate, and lobby right back. You can bet telecom lobbyists will be looking for new legislators to reintroduce something like this bill again next term.

    Those of us at StoptheCap! are continuing to stay vigilant on every front, because there are towns and cities all over America that are not lucky enough to have a municipal choice to turn to when the incumbent broadband providers get greedy.

    I hope everyone in North Carolina will continue to stay involved in this issue. This is the second consumer victory in less than a month – a victory that will protect your pocketbooks and right to an advanced broadband platform at a reasonable price. Nobody will hand it to you. It’s obvious we’re going to have to fight for it every step of the way.

    All our best wishes!

    Phillip Dampier
    Editor, StoptheCap!

  3. This is exactly what the legistlator who responded to me said would happen.

    Thanks to the bloggers who brought this to our attention. Now that I know about Greenlight, I want one! I want one! 🙂

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