Heads up, there may be more work behind the scenes

This was posted yesterday on the Facebook page of NC Citizens Against Anti-Competition Bills Hb1252 and SB1004:

“Rep. Bill Faison is under pressure from Time Warner Cable to move H.1252 out of his committee. Please call Rep. Faison today at 715-3019 or email him at Bill.Faison@ncleg.net and remind him there’s a lot of us on his side.

I agree that we should let Rep. Faison know that there are a lot of us that need to remain vigilant. Please take the time and write him a quick note letting him know that you are on his side and that you are glad that he realizes that citizens are who he represents, no matter what Time Warner thinks.”

The Public Utilities Committee voted last week to send Hb1252 (a.k.a. the entrenched monopoly act, courtesy of our friends at Stop the Cap) to Rep. Faison’s Rural Broadband committee because his committee has been studying broadband for two years now.  Long story short, the cable company wants it sent to a different committee with representatives that are more friendly to their cause. Their lobbyists are working this bill hard.


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