Cable guys pushing for quick Senate Bill move May 27

Received this from a friend today:

S. 1004 (Level Playing Field Study) will be in Public Utilities this Wednesday, May 27. Their plan is to refer the study bill to Rules very quickly with NO CHANGES.  This will likely be a rush job like we experienced in Senate Commerce.  We were told that the bill could not be changed or amended in committee, which makes no sense.  Time Warner Cable and the Cable Lobby want the study bill (S. 1004) to go to Revenue Laws ONLY.

This company does not want a “turf battle” – they want their way on where the study will go and feel Revenue Laws is more industry friendly than the Broadband Committee. What do they have to hide by preventing the Broadband Committee from also look at the bill?

Shouldn’t the Broadband Committee study a broadband bill?  Doesn’t that make sense?

We need everyone to email and call both the Chairman and members of the Public Utilities committee and ask them to change and amend the Senate version to match the House version by sending the study to both the Broadband Committee and Revenue Laws Committee or PREFERABLY to amend it and send it only to the Broadband Committee.


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