Acting FCC Chair nails reason for municipal broadband

Government isn’t always known as being proactive. In many cases, the private market handles America’s needs and wants quite well.

But, there are cases when a service is absolutely appropriate for government; highways, clean water, police and fire.

Acting FCC Chairman Michael J. Copps said recently that local government also has a role in providing broadband to under-served areas. I love this quote:  “Relying on market forces alone will not bring robust and affordable broadband services to all parts of rural America,” he writes. “Therefore, all levels of government should explore ways to help overcome the high costs of rural broadband deployment.” You can read his full comments at Daily Yonder.

We’re still waiting here in NC to see what happens to the anti-city broadband bills, HB 1252 and HB 1004. Both are going to commitee, but there’s a lot of lateral movement in Raleigh and you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date.

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  1. See http://communityfiber for a good quick pro-fiber summary.

    Americans are waking up to the way our economic system is structured:
    1. A segment of the economy is carved out for corporations to make profits from.
    2. They won’t let you take that segment of the economy back. Ever. Not even if you elect enough people to make it so.
    3. Say goodbye to autonomy over:
    and coming soon to a Katrinafied town near you (maybe even your town): PRIVATIZED WATER.

    Nothing in the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES ever guaranteed that the majority of us shall be unwilling slaves of corporations because a handful of ideologues said so.

    We WERE guaranteed various avenues of REDRESS, so let’s start using them. Let us build OUR OWN LAST MILE that THEY CANNOT INTERFERE WITH – and when they SUE SUE SUE to stop us, (a) IGNORE the injunctions – if need be let’s have citizens face the cops – and (b) SUE THEM BACK: who said you OWNED US, MoFo??

    except we let them MAKE IT SO upon us.

    The American People are entitled to expropriate any corporate assets at any time via use of their laws. So let’s start doing that until the CORPORATIONS LEARN THEIR CORRECT PLACE as our SERVANTS and not our MASTERS.

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