“Does anyone even NEED 100Mbps?”

That’s a paraphrase of a statement a cable company rep. told a reporter in this area not long ago when referring to Wilson’s municipal fiber optic network. After all, most people in the US are lucky to get 6Mbps download (and a fraction of that upload).

Wilson offers 100Mbps residential service today through Greenlight. Will there ever be mainstream demand for it, like the cable guy says? Check out what’s happening in South Korea where five MILLION residents have 100Mbps service in their homes. From Telecoms Korea:

The number of 100 Mbps Internet subscribers in Korea passed 5 million as of April, according to industry statistics.

Among 12.7 million Internet subscribers, 5.1 million (about 40 percent) subscribers are using high-speed Internet. The portion of 100 Mbps Internet subscribers rose from 20 percent in 2006 to 29 percent in 2007, and then 39 percent in 2008.

Some would have you believe that Americans don’t NEED triple-digit speeds. I think our friends in Korea would suggest otherwise.

5 Responses

  1. NEED is irrelevant. They WANT it. I WANT it. I’d move to Wilson to have it if my job let me. You guys are doing amazing work.

  2. “do i need 100?”
    if im paying for it, yes.

    “most people in the US are lucky to get 6Mbps download (and a fraction of that upload).”
    oh really! its nice to hear that from a cable rep, thats an interesting argument for this case, too bad their marketing dont say that.

  3. If you build it (100Mbps), we will come 🙂

  4. Take a look at this, from Online Media Daily:

    “Giving a boost to municipal broadband, an appeals court in Minnesota has ruled that Web service is a utility that towns may finance with bonds.

    “The definition of municipal public utilities appears broad enough to contemplate Internet service,” the court wrote…”

  5. I would agree – NEED is not the issue. WANT is.

    Fiber is definitely faster & more reliable.

    We offer up to 250mbps up & down fiber, but our clients are businesses, a different story. A definite need.

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