FCC Looking at Rural Broadband Strategy

You’ve probably heard by now that the FCC is looking at a rural broadband strategy – a plan to make broadband access “ubiquitous’ and available to every one who wants it, regardless of where they live.

One of the reasons our city built its own next-generation broadband system is because the large companies typically make improvements in the more populated areas. If you’re the cable company, you would improve your aging infrastructure in Charlotte, for example, before you would in Wilson. That’s understandable, because the motive is profit.

The motive for a local community like ours is to have that infrastructure in place now. We didn’t want to wait until we were profitable enough for the improvements.

You can read the entire report online. Here’s an exerpt from Michael Copps, acting FCC chairman:

Although we are at an early stage in the national effort, the Report makes a number of recommendations that I hope will facilitate the rapid and widespread buildout of state-of-the-art broadband access facilities to every street corner and winding road, and every home and business in America. Such a transformation will rival the building of the roads, canals, and ports that made commerce possible in pre-Civil War America; the transcontinental railroads that made us a continental power in the late nineteenth century; the national highway system that opened the way for rapid transportation and demographic migration in the last century; and the immense efforts to extend telephone and electrical service to the far corners of America.


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