Great news, Senate version of monopoly protection bill seems to be dead in the water

You’ve been a patient lot this summer as we’ve watched these monpoly protection bills zig and zag around the NC House and Senate Committees. Finally have some good news to report. Yesterday, lawmakers voted to essentially gut SB 1004. Check it out. The only thing that didn’t change is the name of the bill. All of the language has been changed to accommodate some sort of energy issue. Heck, I don’t think the word “broadband” in the current version.

Way to go! Pressure and letters from you helped send this bad bill to its demise.

That said, HB 1252 is still out there. At the beginning of the summer, the bills were identical. Now, they’re totally different.

Here are the first two sentences of HB 1252, which has been changed to some extent:  The Joint Select Committee on High Speed Internet and the Revenue Laws Study Committee shall study local government owned and operated communication services. The Committees may propose legislation, if appropriate, to regulate the operation of 10 local government owned and operated communication services.

We still think there’s enough regulation right now on municipal broadband providers without creating new laws. I’ll let you know more about HB 1252 as soon as I know. It hasn’t moved since early May.


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