“How does Greenlight work?”

We still get this question from time to time as more people call to ask questions about Wilson’s new network.


  • is a fiber to the home network. The fiber runs over a separate line that goes straight to your house.
  • runs on the computer, TV,  and phone you’re already using (assuming they’re only a few years old).
  • is owned and operated by the City of Wilson
  • has free, local tech support 24/7
  • is available to every business and home in the City of Wilson
  • offer residential speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • services are often less expensive than traditional cable/phone providers

Greenlight is not:

  • associated in any way with the cable or phone companies. It’s an entirely different technology.
  • DSL
  • wireless
  • WiMax

Fiber is the fastest, most reliable technology for this sort of thing. The City of Wilson’s network is entirely fiber. Here’s a short article that explains it pretty well. The only thing that doesn’t apply here is the cost. The author says fiber is more expensive, but Wilson’s service prices are actually lower than what you’ll find in other places.

If you’re a techie, this is all review; but some citizens, including newcomers, are still learning about this network. Wilson’s Greenlight is the fastest and most reliable service here.


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