Are you sure you’re getting what you paid for?

Bill Andad of DaniWeb posted this blog entry this month about advertised speeds and actual speeds in the UK. His point is that the broadband ads that often convince you to buy a product turn out to be better than the product.

Here’s a quote: “…sadly it comes as no great shock to anyone that the download speeds to be found in the real world at the consumer end of the equation were nowhere near the advertised rates that persuaded them to sign up for any particular service in the first place.”

Locally, you hear or read ads that say “up to” a certain speed. That’s important, because that “up to” mark is often at 3am when no one else in your neighborhood is online. Ever tried to get online on a snow day?

Old fashioned copper lines and DSL only have so much bandwidth to go around. If your neighbor’s watching his favorite shows or his kids are gaming, odds are he’s eating up some of your bandwidth. The same principal is true for fiber, but there’s a lot more bandwidth to go around. We have configured the Greenlight fiber lines through Wilson’s neighborhoods so that bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem.

Those “blazing” fast or “high” speeds  in the ads might not be quite what you’re expected. Fiber, like Greenlight, offers much more bandwidth so you can get the speeds you paid for.


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  1. In Chapel Hill, where I have ATT DSL, I can check the speed with

    It gives me ammunition when I call tech support, which has been pretty good.

    There is now ATT fiber optics in our neighborhood, but ATT has kept quiet and is selling nothing so far.

    Too bad we don’t have a system like Wilson’s…..

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