Wilson’s fiber network opens up public sector possibilities

Wilson’s fiber-to-the-home network was built primarily for local businesses and industries. Some of the community’s largest employers subscribe to Greenlight because of its next-generation broadband speed. The network is also helping local educators. Wilson Community College was one of our first members, and just this week, the Wilson County School Board announced that it would subscribe to Greenlight for all of its campuses, including central office areas.

All of that goes right with the business model we had anticipated years ago, but today we’re seeing even more benefits that we expected. Our Police Department, for instance, has been asked by some local businesses to put up video cameras over parking lots. We’re in the process now of placing cameras in several of those areas. The businesses are miles apart, so trying to place cameras without the network would be more difficult and much more expensive.

With new high-data applications and software being created so quickly these days, I’d bet there are a lot of benefits to a fiber network that we don’t even know yet. In Wilson’s case, the fiber network runs down every street and it’s owned by the community.


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