S1209 almost passes Senate, Vote goes to Monday on technicality

NC Legislature

NC Legislature - courtesy nceducation.wordpress.com

Senate Bill 1209 nearly passed the full Senate today, but it was called back on a technicality.

Long story short, the vote appeared to be overwhelmingly in support of the bill, but one senator wanted to change his vote. It will come back Monday at 7pm for a third reading and vote.

Catharine Rice of Action Audits reports that:

None of the Wake County Senators opposed the bill or asked that the moratorium be removed.

Those who did oppose and who should be thanked heartily, were
Joe Sam Queen (Haywood, Yancy,Avery, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell) Joesam.Queen@ncleg.net
Goss (Watauga County) Steve.Goss@ncleg.net
Foriest  (Alamance County) Tony.Foriest@ncleg.net
Snow (Cherokee County) John.snow@ncleg.net

These Senators are basically from rural communities who know the moratorium will stop broadband deployment for them in their tracks.

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