New Broadband Bill Appears in Legislature for 2011

NC Legislative BuildingThe cable and phone companies have been hard at work. For the fourth time in four years, the NC Legislature is considering a bill that would protect broadband monopolies by preventing cities from providing communication choices. This year’s version is House Bill 129. They even kept the “Level Playing Field” name from the three previous bills.

Since the City of Wilson created Greenlight, more than 5,300 households and businesses have become members. Those members chose Greenlight over the cable and phone companies because of faster speeds, local customer service and the fact that their subscription fees stay here in Wilson.

The City of Salisbury is also doing well with its new Fibrant network. People are choosing services there for the same reasons.

This bill seeks to take away that choice for the people of NC.

The Legislature has a difficult job on its hands this year because of a $2.4 Billion deficit.