H1252 (2009 Bill)

House Bill 1252 was introduced last year (2009). It’s still alive in committee, but hasn’t done much lately. This year’s bill (2010) is S1209.


10 Responses

  1. I currently have internet service though my local telephone company. The service is wonderful and I would certainly hate to see it change. Time Warner and Embarq have no services that I am interested in using.

  2. I live in Raleigh, and am very familiar with Time Warner. I think that if they can’t innovate enough to stay competitive, or can’t come to terms with the fact that they might have to, then they deserve their fate.

    If they want to survive, offer a better product!

    Heres an idea, how about you invest the 47 Billion dollars you made last year into something that can compete with Greenlight? Surely that can’t be too hard right?

  3. Partial First line of the bill


    An act to regulate competition ????

    Sounds very unAmerican to me.

  4. Seems pretty totalitarian, actually.

  5. It is unamerican to restrict competition and lower prices. This is now an antitrust violation. The Sherman Act was passed a long time ago to protect farmers from being ripped off by railroad companies. Now it is those farmer’s descendants being ripped by telecommunication giants.

    State law, whatever, the federal Sherman Act is what matters here.

  6. If you can’t compete on merit, hire lobbyists with customer dollars (provided thru high customer fees for marginal service) and try to legislate competition out of existence. The US already lags internationally in broadband deployment and speeds. It would be a great disservice to legislate and accept further mediocrity.

  7. Time-Warner – if you can’t compete, get off the *(&^*(^ court!

    I have T-W here in Raleigh, NC and, while they provide steady, uninterrupted service the vast majority of the time, we only get about 1.3 download speed at most and of course the upload speed is choked down. If there’s someone else that can offer me TEN download and ten megabit upload speed for a similar price (or even a bit higher), I’m dropping T-W like a hot swine flu virus!

    It would be a grave disservice if this bill passes that essentially regulates free market access. How can we get this to a national stage, where we can put REAL pressure on T-W?

  8. I wish this story would go public and mainstream, I really do.

    This is the prime example why the country’s in so much debt right now; stupid greed.

    Instead of using money to make an awesome network, they use it for CEOs to be able to buy Ferarris every year.

    I hope that TWC and Embarq get reprimanded for their actions this past month.

  9. I am looking forward to this New Service because it will be better and cheaper. Pleas defeat HB1252. This will be a faster service and more efficient service. Please help us! I live in Salisbury.

  10. TWC is not the answer!!!!!!!!!

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