House Bill 129

House Bill 129 is the 2011 version of a bill that has been pushed by small group of cable/telco companies since 2007. They have been unsuccessful in previous attempts.

The 2010 version was also called “Level Playing Field”.

2 Responses

  1. Speaking as a resident in Statesville, NC i feel it is absolutely imperative for this asinine bill not to pass. As it stands now, I have two choices for high speed internet. AT&T, which next month will be implementing caps on an infinite resource and Time Warner Cable, which offers a BLAZING fast ten (10) Mbps for $58.00 a month…it’s sickening. We have no access to fiber optic service and what’s worse is some people in rural areas of Statesville can only resort to broadband through satellite. God forbid these mega monopolies are challenged by municipal broadband service that actually aims to please the consumer and not charge more for less so we can remain the country’s worst broadband service provider.

  2. Would it be possible for the citizens of Wilson to form their own corporation (similar to the holding corp. for the Green Bay Packers), and have the city sell the fiber-optic network to the citizens? And thereby nullify the effects of SB 87?

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