Senate Bill 87

Senate Bill 87 is this year’s Senate version of the bill. It marks the fifth attempt from some members of the cable/telco industry to protect their monopolies in North Carolina.

The 2010 version was Senate Bill 1209.

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  1. Dear Sentors,

    Please do whatever you can to strike down this bill. If passed there will be no completion to big cable and phone companies in my area of the state. Currently in Fayetteville NC for high speed internet their are only two choices, Time Warner Cable and Centrylink and they both offer a maximum speed of 10 megbit/s and both cost about the same. It is even worst where my grandmother lives where Centrylink is the only choice in Trenton NC. The passing of this bill will hinder innovation and competition the broadband internet space. If Time Warner wants to compete with a local municipal broadband tell them to just be better! Built out their network and lower prices. Not try to pass laws that make competion illegeal. Time Warner Cable keeps loosing cable customers and keeps make profits from internet subcribers.

    Please don’t let Time Warner Cable make completion illegal. I hope to see the day I can get 100 megbit/s speed in my area and have more choice then the duopoly there is now. And the monopoly there is in other pats of the state.

    Charles L. Everett III

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