NC Legislature tackling money issues; still no decision on broadband

Hasn’t been much to report lately in our battle with the monopoly bills. Long story short, our state’s elected leaders have had their hands full this summer and, apparently, neither bill has been worthy of a big push lately.

That said, the lobbyists from the cable company live in those buildings and have been pretty cozy with some lawmakers during our visits. They walk into the the back door of the committee rooms, the door with the sign that says, “For Lawmakers only” and one of them was handed the phone a few weeks ago after I called a senator’s office for more information. He was pretty surprised the assistant handed the phone to him. “Just happened to be walking by” he said. Mm hmm.

June 26th, and as of now, the lawmakers have focused on our state’s fiscal situation instead of passing either of these protectionist bills. That said, these things tend to flare up pretty quickly. Both are en route to study bills right now and could pop up anytime.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything. Thanks to all for everything.