Wilson’s fiber network means less waiting, more time for you

During a holiday visit with friends, I realized what it’s like to be without decent broadband.

I had just introduced the group to Rhett and Link. They’re a couple of guys here in NC who have churned out some hilarious online stuff, including the beloved Facebook Song (video).

About 30 seconds into each spot, the picture would stall while their DSL struggled to catch up. The fact that it locked up was no surprise. What DID surprise me was a remark from one of my frieneds. “Just pause it and wait. We do it all the time.” It was normal to him to start a video, then hit pause while the thing loaded.

Entertainment aside, there are  many reasons why true broadband -especially from fiber to the home networks- is just beginning to show what it can do.

Stacy Higginbotham did a great job explaining the need for fiber in her post to GigaOM, Why every ISP Needs a Fiber-to-the-Home Network.

Phone companies and many cable companies rely on copper that has been in place for decades. Here’s a line from Higginbotham’s post:

“At some point the telcos are going to have to take a hard look at their aging infrastructure and decide how much longer they should poor money into copper, much like you or I might do when evaluating whether or not to fix or junk a 12-year-old car.”

Wilson’s municipal broadband service is fiber to the home. It plugs right into a box on the side of your house.We think it’s the right thing to do, and would love it if the cable company would stop pushing for laws that stop NC cities from doing the same.