Rural Broadband Committee Meeting Today, Nov. 23

A committee of lawmakers will meet this morning to look at broadband in NC, and may consider the issue of metered billing.

What’s metered billing? Here’s an interesting article from DSL reports, as well as some good forum posts. Essentially, metered billing moves away from the model we have now where you pay a monthly fee for unlimited service. With metered billing, people who access the Internet more often or download more material would pay more than everyone else. Big deal, right? It is. Netflix and other video services offer movies for download, and a host of other services are coming along that rely on heavy usage.

Why are the ISP’s doing this? Because they don’t have enough bandwidth to go around. If they had plenty, they wouldn’t have to figure out ways to make you use less. Wilson’s municipal provider, Greenlight, is an all-fiber optic network that doesn’t have the same limitations of these corporations. Our speeds are faster (10M/10M minimum residential) and there’s no talk of metered billing here.

The House Select Committee on High Speed Internet in Rural Areas will meet at 10am today in room 544 of the Legislative Office Building. If you can join us, we’d love to see you.