More good news! Senate’s monopoly protection bill put on hold

hugHey, guys. Just got out of the Senate Commerce Committee and the news is good. While SB 1004 wasn’t killed (that would have been perfect), it was sent to another Senate Committee for study.

Translation? Greenlight is safe and the future of next-generation broadband is in better shape now than it was just a little while ago. The Revenue Committee has a reputation for taking a good look at bills that come its way. Assuming everyone is invited to the table, they should get an understanding of how important next-generation broadband is to our state’s future.

Historically speaking, they’ll start looking at it sometime this September and have a report prepared about a year from now. Meanwhile, North Carolinians and people all over the country will continue to see more and more how important true high speed is to our economic development. The landscape has changed in a good way over the past couple of years and it will continue to change while they do this study.

Two bills sent to study committees in less than 24 hours. Wow.

Gotta shout out to the social media folks again. Several people came to the early meeting because they heard about it online and wanted to make sure their voices were heard. One woman saw it on Twitter just a few hours before the meeting began and decided to bring her husband along. Thanks to all of you who tweeted, posted, blogged and called.

Bottom line,  your input has been huge throughout this process. These duplicate bills may have wrecked NC’s next-generation broadband expansion, but you helped reel them in. Thank you, thank you, thank you.