Fiber broadband is big asset for homeowners

New report out by the Fiber to the Home Council says that an overwhelming majority of people who have fiber all the way to the home rank it as a “leading real estate amenity”, according to Gigaom.

Here’s a segment: “A national study of U.S. broadband consumers by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting shows that fiber-to-the-home ranks higher than green spaces, a neighborhood patrol and a community pool when consumers are evaluating planned communities.” Wilson’s Greenlight is a fiber to the home network.

Fiber to the home is different than copper networks, which still dominate the NC landscape right now. Copper wires are the same technology that brought you cable in the 70s. When I first fired up Mtv as a young kid, I saw it over copper wires. Great for nostalgia, but not so great for the demands of today’s Internet.

Fiber is different. It carries huge amounts of data and is the next generation of true high-speed Internet access. Wilson’s network, Greenlight, is ALL fiber. One cable company even advertises its “advanced fiber network”, but it’s mostly the same copper wires that have been in place for years. Greenlight offers the fastest Internet speeds in NC, and some of the fastest in the US.

Makes it a little more clear why the cable company is trying so hard to prevent Wilson and cities like it from building and maintaining next-generation networks.