Déjà vu for HB 1252

Two years ago, in the 2007 NC Legislative session, a bill that is very similar to HB 1252 was introduced in the Public Utilities committee. It had essentially the same new, burdensome legislation as this year’s bill but for a very different reason.

The other side, through two lawmakers, said NC cities needed legislation to protect their citizens. In other words, NC cities weren’t capable of providing better broadband service. (Never mind fact that cities already provide clean water, fire protection and police protection. Wilson’s fire and police departments are both nationally accredited.) That bill was defeated after Google, Alcatel-Lucent and other private companies weighed in against it.

In 2009, the new bill says NC cities have an unfair advantage over large cable/telco operations.

In just two years, we went from being incapable of providing service to having unfair advantages.


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  1. Hello from the UK! We have our own monopolies in place here (BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, etc..) and I used to work for a very small DSL Internet service provider, so I know how tough it is to compete with the big boys. Keep fighting the monopoly!

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